Giglio Votes Against Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act

A statement by Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda) on the passage of the Farm Laborers Fair Practices Act.

“Today’s passage of the Farm Laborers Fair Labor Practices Act in the New York State Assembly is an assault on our way of life in rural western and upstate New York. This legislation will have disastrous effects on the farming industry throughout the state, and will increase expenses for farmers and raise costs for consumers. The bill was sponsored by New York City politicians who have never set foot on a farm and don’t have any farms in their districts.”

“Our family farms already struggle with normal small business operating expenses, and challenges with weather and marketplace competition. The addition of mandates that are unworkable in a farming environment will destroy this already-struggling industry.”

Agriculture in New York is currently a $4.8 billion industry, with more than 35,000 farms across the state.

“The very survival of agriculture in New York is now at risk with the passage of this bill, which threatens the livelihood of thousands of farm families and the jobs of the farm workers it allegedly protects,” said Giglio.

The legislation requires farmers to pay overtime, provides for eight-hour workdays, allows for unionization and more. Farming is a unique industry, particularly in New York, which unlike farming states like California and Florida, has only one growing season.

The bill has been sent to the Senate for a vote. Giglio said, “I strongly urge the governor to veto this bill if it is passed in the Senate because of the negative effects it will have on agriculture in our state.”