A Message of Resolve and Community

A legislative column by Assemblyman Joseph M. Giglio (R,C,I-Gowanda).

“Much has been reported, broadcast and written about the coronavirus pandemic. It is very difficult to process all the information available about staying at home, social distancing, masks, testing, and ventilators, as well as what the CDC, the governor, and the president report on a daily basis. It has taken its toll on our community both physically and mentally.

“I want to convey to everyone in our community how proud I am to be fortunate enough to live here. We constantly hear or read about the extraordinary and wonderful things that everyday people, businesses, and companies are doing to meet the needs of our neighbors as we battle this pandemic head on.

“To those who are ill, you have our prayers for a full and speedy recovery. To those working tirelessly on the front lines to provide, care for, and protect others in this time of crisis, know that you are not alone. As we offer thanks for your courage and service, I often say I come from a place where actions speak louder than words. Today, the actions of our community of everyday heroes have never spoken louder.

“The day will come again when we will be able to meet each other with smiles and warmth, not curtailed by masks and fear. Soon we will see and hug our loved ones; and for those of us who are grandparents, we will be able to hug our beloved grandchildren once again.

“We will all make these things happen; that is certainty. Together, we can never be beaten. Please stay safe and may God bless you all!”