Giglio Calls for Removal of Governor’s Executive Powers and Formal Investigation into Nursing Home Deaths

“This breach of trust is unconscionable. Gov. Cuomo and his administration have repeatedly and intentionally misled families and the public regarding nursing home deaths in New York State. The time for real action is upon us, and the governor and his staff must be held accountable.

“Since the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor and his administration claimed that nursing homes were “our top priority,” yet policies and statements released by the highest levels of our government contradict those assertions.

“In the meantime, the governor wrote a book and accepted an Emmy Award, saying that his daily briefings ‘offered only one thing, authentic truth and stability.’ We now know that we have been continuously deceived. Gov. Cuomo has been quick to take responsibility for actions taken during the pandemic, choosing ‘Blame me’ as his mantra. Now is the time for him to face that blame and its consequences.

“I join my colleagues in both houses of the Legislature in calling for a formal investigation. Additionally, we must immediately rescind the executive powers the governor has wielded since the beginning of the pandemic and restore balance to our state government.”