Zebrowski: Property tax cap will help Rockland homeowners

“This is a great day for the state of New York. Today the legislature passed a property tax cap I sponsored that will go a long way toward making New York State affordable and provide much needed relief to overburdened Rockland County homeowners who pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation. For the past eight years, property taxes in Rockland have grown at double the rate of wages; these increases are simply unsustainable. This legislation will institute a 2 percent property tax cap in New York State, putting a stop to the ever-increasing property tax burden Rockland residents suffer from. Put simply, the tax cap is a 'game changer' for New York State and will put us on a path toward affordability.

“Not only will this legislation keep property taxes in check, create more jobs and strengthen the local economy, but it establishes a mandate relief council that will allow schools and local governments to have a say in what mandates should be eliminated or reformed. This tax cap combined with mandate relief will create a more business-friendly climate where business can operate without the fear of double-digit tax spikes. Rockland families will finally enjoy peace of mind knowing their property taxes will remain in reach and they can remain in their homes.”