Zebrowski & Jaffee Submit Alternative Language to Senate Version of East Ramapo Oversight Bill

In a last attempt at compromise on the East Ramapo oversight bill, Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee sent language to the State Senate today. The Senate introduced a new bill on Sunday night, different than the Assembly bill that passed last week.

After reviewing the Senate bill, the Rockland Assemblymembers declined to support it.

“We believe the Senate bill inappropriately involves the State Comptroller in education policy decisions and weakens the monitor's authority to an extent that is unacceptable. We thank Senator Carlucci for his efforts in negotiating with the Senate Majority, however, we do not believe the bill goes far enough to assist the district.”

The language offered by the Assemblymembers seeks to improve the Senate bill by: increasing the monitor’s term; qualifying the comptroller’s role to fiscal matters; altering the monitor appointment process and ensuring the veto mechanisms grant effective authority.

“We are attempting to negotiate in good faith with the Senate, however, we must ensure the bill is a workable and effective solution for the district. We addressed some of the Senate concerns but ensured that the monitor continues to have the necessary authority. We are working with Senator Carlucci and hope he can move the Senate leadership to a better bill.”