Assemblyman Zebrowski, Senator Larkin and Assemblyman Skoufis Announce Funding To Repair Palisades Parkway

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski (D-New City) alongside Senator Bill Larkin (R-Cornwall) and Assemblyman James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) announced that over $10 million in critical state funding has been secured to repair the north section of the Palisades Interstate Parkway after years of neglect. Additionally, Route 6 will be resurfaced between Route 293 and the Palisades Parkway later this year.

Specifically, the Palisades Parkway work will be done in two phases. This year, the area from the PIP Bookstore to the Bear Mountain Circle will be repaved; next year, the area from Exit 13 (Haverstraw/Suffern) to the bookstore will be repaired. Addressing the north section of the Palisades Interstate Parkway was made a priority by the area’s state legislative delegation during the Fiscal Year 2015-2016 budget negotiations.

Assemblymen Zebrowski and Skoufis held a press conference in February highlighting the deplorable condition of the thoroughfare and calling on the Department of Transportation (DOT) to make the long-overdue repairs. Since then, the Assemblymen and Senator Larkin worked to obtain the necessary funding in the recently passed state budget.

Assemblyman Zebrowski added, “I am happy that our calls for the much needed rehabilitation of the Palisades Parkway have been heard. The long overdue repaving of the parkway will greatly improve the driving conditions for the millions of motorists who travel this roadway each year. I want to thank the DOT for recognizing the safety concerns and making this project a priority over the next two years.”

“Cooperation and teamwork always produce positive results,” said Senator Larkin. “Addressing this serious infrastructure issue has been a priority of ours for a long time. We have all fielded phone calls and complaints from hundreds of constituents. I am proud to say that through our concerted effort we were able to secure the necessary funds to address this issue.”

Assemblyman Skoufis said, “One of government’s most basic functions is to ensure our roads are safe for travel. With this funding that my colleagues and I were able to secure, residents will finally be able to drive on the Palisades Parkway and Route 6 without worrying about navigating a dangerous minefield in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive damage to their vehicles.”