Zebrowski Calls on New York School Districts to Immediately Cease Using Study.com

Assemblyman directly writes to Study.com asking for content review

“We recently learned that another video on the study.com website depicted the Jewish religion in an inaccurate and insensitive manner and was used by a local teacher. Study.com is an educational resource website that some teachers utilize for material. The fact that this type of content is available on a resource website and is not being properly vetted by teachers is unacceptable. In response to this incident, I authored a letter directly to study.com asking the company to do a review of its content for accuracy and appropriateness. I further requested that lessons dealing with religion be developed in a collaborative manner with input and expertise from members of the religion. Broad, inaccurate and insensitive generalizations should not be anywhere near a classroom. Until study.com engages in this type of review, I call on all New York School Districts to cease utilizing this resource. In addition, proper protocols must be installed by our districts to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of outside material.”