Assemblyman Zebrowski Applauds DOL Commissioner Reardon and Governor Cuomo for Unemployment Order Assisting Businesses and Non-Profits

Order achieves the goals of Zebrowski bills A2001 & A373 excluding COVID actions from contribution rates and waives a portion of payments for certain entities

Assemblyman Zebrowski praised the recent order by Department of Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon and Governor Cuomo that would provide relief for employers facing a significant financial burden due to the unprecedented unemployment crisis. 

The Commissioner’s Order would exclude all unemployment claims related to COVID-19 from a contributing employer’s experience rating and would waive the remaining 50% of payments for employers electing payment in lieu of contributions; impacting most non-profits, governmental entities and Indian tribes. The January 14th order would provide significant reprieve from pending drastic increases in unemployment costs to these employers.

“I am thrilled to hear that businesses and non-profits will not be disproportionately penalized by increased unemployment costs. This order by the Department of Labor will result in real savings for employers at a time when they are working on rebuilding. This action will help businesses and non-profits focus on getting their doors back open and hiring employees rather than be burdened by additional unemployment costs. I want to thank Commissioner Reardon and Governor Cuomo for their leadership on this issue and for recognizing the detrimental impact this would have had,” said Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski.

Assemblyman Zebrowski has sponsored two bills that would have had the same impact that the Commissioner’s Order have on unemployment claims related to COVID-19. Zebrowski introduced A.2001 that would exclude all claims related to COVID-19 and government ordered closures from an employer’s experience rating and A.373 that would waive the remaining 50% of payments for employers who elect payments in lieu of contributions.