Joint Statement from Haverstraw State and Local Officials

Senator Skoufis, Assemblyman Zebrowski and the Haverstraw delegation of elected officials call for increased vaccination opportunities to the North Rockland Area.

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and Senator James Skoufis have joined with County, Town and Village elected officials in Haverstraw to push for additional vaccination opportunities in the North Rockland area. Zebrowski and Skoufis sent a map to New York State officials showing that there are currently zero pharmacies receiving vaccines in the North Rockland Area. The State Legislators asked for an immediate analysis and report on what pharmacies in North Rockland have applied to be a provider and that they be approved and prioritized for the next round of distribution immediately. The legislators further requested that the North Rockland School District, which has been approved, be considered for vaccine distribution. They pointed out that the school district has the capacity to vaccinate essential workers and the general public efficiently.

Lastly, Skoufis and Zebrowski re-iterated that the Village of Haverstraw has a large minority population that experiences language and transportation barriers. They once again renewed a prior request that the Village be considered for a pop-up site to ensure equitable vaccine distribution in all communities.

“Globally, the vaccine supply needs to be increased to all communities, and the appointment process needs to be made more accessible and understandable for all our constituents. However, right now, the North Rockland Community does not have any approved pharmacies and this needs to be corrected immediately. We need to ensure that any available supply reaches all communities as equitably as possible. Securing an appointment is difficult enough for residents without having to find pharmacies they have never seen on the other side of the County,” said Skoufis and Zebrowski.

The statement and call were made by:
Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski
Senator James Skoufis
Town of Haverstraw Supervisor Howard Phillips
Village of Haverstraw Mayor Mike Kohut
Village of West Haverstraw Mayor Rob D’Amelio
County Legislator Michael Grant
County Legislator J. Hood

Town of Haverstraw Council Members:
Councilman Vincent J. Gamboli
Councilman Isidro Cancel
Councilman John J. Gould
Councilman Johnny Ortiz

Village of Haverstraw Board Members:
Deputy Mayor Emily Dominguez 
Trustee Rafael Bueno
Trustee Joel Santana
Trustee Gil Carlevaro

Village of West Haverstraw Board Members:
Trustee Frances Nardi
Trustee Robert LaGrow
Trustee Ramon Lopez
Trustee Ralph W. Kirschkel