Assemblymember Cahill: Assembly Recognizes Library Week

Legislation passed to aid local libraries
April 18, 2005

Assemblymember Cahill (D-Ulster, Dutchess) announced that the state Assembly recognized New York State Library Week by passing legislation to provide additional aid to public library systems and to recognize people who support the advancement of library programs and services.

"Libraries are an investment in New York’s future and one of our most precious resources," Assemblymember Cahill said. "We need to continue to support the public library systems in this state and honor those who contribute to their operation and success."

Legislation approved by the Assembly would encourage libraries to cut administrative costs by providing supplemental state aid for merging public library systems (A.3499) and establish a revolving loan fund to help improve public library facilities (A.3498a).

The Assembly passed resolutions urging the Governor to declare April 12th as Library Staff Day, April 14th as Library Assistants Day, and April 10th through April 16th as New York State Library Week.

This year, the Assembly and Senate passed a budget that also includes $4.5 million in additional aid to local libraries vetoed by the Governor last year. This will mean $106,388 more for the Mid-Hudson Public Library System, according to Assemblymember Cahill.

Mr. Cahill, an outspoken literacy advocate, has secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants and capital programs, apart from general budget funding, for the needs of libraries in his 101st Assembly District. "Libraries are sources of knowledge for children and adults alike," he noted. "The dedication of those who consistently support libraries in this state should be matched with our dedication as lawmakers to keep libraries alive and well for future generations of New Yorkers to come."