Public Disservice Commission

Cahill blasts public service commissionís approval of Central Hudson rate hike
July 19, 2006

ďThe Commission was established for the paramount purpose of protecting and enforcing the rights of the public with regard to utilities and is charged with reviewing and regulating the costs that should be borne by ratepayers. By bowing down to Central Hudson and approving this rate increase, the Commission has failed to live up to its mission.

As energy costs continue to hover at or around record high levels, this rate hike could threaten the health and safety of many families and individuals who simply will not have the resources to meet Central Hudsonís demands. The Public Service Commissionís decision to allow a rate increase to go through at this juncture will lead to a tripling effect from which some consumers might not recover.

The Legislature established the Commission in order to ensure the existence of an entity whose mission it was to protect the health, safety and rights of the public. Todayís approval of Central Hudsonís ill-timed and excessive proposal to raise their rates represents an egregious deviation from that mission, a point that I will be sure to examine with my colleagues when we return to Albany.Ē