Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill: Tax-Free Week to Save Shoppers Money on Clothes and Shoes

January 12, 2004

Families will soon be getting a much-needed tax break. I helped pass a budget last year that designates the week of January 26 through February 1st free from state sales tax on clothing and footwear purchases up to $110 per item.

In the past, tax-free clothing weeks have been a tremendous success in New York. Suspending the state sales tax is a great way for working families in New York to save money. This year’s tax-free week will provide families with another opportunity to save as they shop for clothes and shoes.

This tax exemption will waive the state’s 4.25 percent sales tax on clothes and shoes under $110 per item, and also gives local counties the opportunity to exempt their portion of the sales tax. Both Ulster and Dutchess Counties passed resolutions last year stating that they would waive county sales tax during tax-free week. In Ulster County, consumers will save an additional four percent on these purchases during tax-free week and Dutchess County shoppers will save an additional 3.75 percent. Forty nine of the state’s sixty two counties will take part in the sales tax-free week, including New York City.

The sales tax elimination will increase retail sales by encouraging shoppers to stay in our community instead of traveling to other tax-free states and will help boost local economies. I encourage everyone to support local business and take advantage of the tax-free week.