Statement by Assemblymember Kevin Cahill Regarding the Release of Attorney General’s Investigative Report

Albany, NY – Assemblymember Kevin A. Cahill, (D – Ulster, Dutchess) issued the following statement regarding the release of NYS Attorney General’s investigative report:

“The findings by Attorney General Leticia James, while disturbing, are not surprising. In most of his interactions, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has operated as though he alone was anointed with unlimited power, demanding absolute loyalty and showing exactly zero tolerance for those who did anything he deemed even the slightest perceived deviation from that personal fealty. Why then, is it a surprise to anyone that a careful investigation – one he initially supported but then criticized when realizing he did not control it – revealed that his interpersonal relationships with females demonstrated a selfish, grotesque misogyny and that his view of important public data was little more than manipulative fiction to earn himself a hefty book advance? For the good of the people and state he so often professes to hold in such high regard, Andrew Cuomo should resign immediately. Should he continue to refuse to do so, the Assembly, in its duly authorized role as prosecutor, is obligated to wrap our investigation and commence a trial of impeachment of Governor Cuomo and demand the immediate termination of his accomplice cronies who tolerate, facilitated and at a minimum tacitly approved of his actions.”