Governor Cuomo Playing Politics

Statement from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I-Fishkill)

"Governor Cuomo has pushed his way past any hearings or debate to ram through an unconstitutional bill that won't keep our schools safe.

"In the rush to pass this bill, the governor has delivered a mess to New Yorkers. Magazines which hold up to 10 rounds will be grandfathered in, but they can't be loaded with more than seven rounds. It is not serious to think that criminals will follow Governor Cuomo's orders when loading their weapons.

"Voters want Albany to make our schools safer, but this law will do little for school safety. In fact, school safety has been passed off to a blue ribbon panel meeting sometime in the future. The Governor and the legislature should be discussing school safety initiatives right now, not passing them off to another group. With absurd provisions like this, the law would not have passed had voters been given the chance to review it. Albany's 'four men in a room' knew that, so they rushed the law through to avoid public scrutiny.

"This political game is disappointing to the many New Yorkers who saw Governor Cuomo spend two years working on bi-partisan solutions like the tax cap and government consolidation. The once moderate governor has taken a play from Mitt Romney's book, changing his policies like an Etch A Sketch to prepare for 2016. We want to work with the governor to get New York back on track, but it looks like the governor's focus is on the White House.

"I am proud to have cast my vote against this law, and I will continue to fight for the Second Amendment in Albany."