Cuomo's Funny Budget Tour Comes To Marist

Statement from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill)

On listening to voters:

"It's ironic that the governor would claim that he wants to hear what voters think when he has made a habit of abusing his power to ram his bills through in Albany."

On funny budget math and unfunded mandates:

"The budget is filled with accounting gimmicks and funny math. Even the state comptroller has questioned Governor Cuomo's 'pension-smoothing' plan. There is bi-partisan agreement that the budget numbers don't work and are only kicking the can down the road. It looked like the governor was ready to get serious about mandate relief, but he's not. Governor Cuomo is just kicking the can down the road, hoping to string together a budget with funny math until he can run for president in 2016."

On taxes:

"Governor Cuomo needs to understand that all New Yorkers need tax relief, not just a few politically-connected companies. We don't need tax-free zones for just a few, we need to lower taxes for all New Yorkers. If the governor thinks taxes in New York are so high that we need tax-free "hot spots" to attract businesses, why not just lower taxes across the board? Either New York has a tax rate that works, or it doesn't."

On the minimum wage:

"Between the poor economy and crushing taxes and regulation from Albany, small businesses are suffering. A minimum wage hike could break their backs. Raising the minimum wage often hurts the very people you are trying to help by limiting job opportunities."