Lalor Calls Toll Hike Reversal A Victory For Taxpayers And Businesses

Fishkill, NY: Assemblyman-elect Kieran Michael Lalor today called the Thruway Authority's decision to halt proposed toll hikes a victory for New York drivers, taxpayers, and businesses. Lalor will be co-sponsoring the Thruway Authority Accountability Act, which is designed to reform the Thruway Authority by increasing efficiency, reducing expenses and reining-in out-of-control toll hikes.

"It is good to see the Thruway Authority responding to our call to take pressure off of taxpayers," said Lalor. "When you put pressure on government agencies for reform you see results. The proposed Thruway Authority Accountability Act has sent a message to the bureaucrats running the Thruway: 'You have to be accountable for how you spend our tax dollars.' And they've listened."

Lalor continued, "I promised voters I would get to work in Albany even before I officially take office in January. I followed through and we're already seeing results with this toll hike reversal. This will give taxpayers just trying to drive to work a little relief from New York's never-ending taxes, fees and tolls. Now we have to follow through with establishing accountability and efficiency at the Thruway Authority."

I am often asked, 'How can you change anything in Albany when you'll be in a small minority in the Assembly?' I always respond that if you passionately advocate for good ideas you can make a real difference. The Thruway reform bill came from the Assembly minority. And it is already making a difference on everyday life. We'll continue to passionately advocate for the right ideas to get New York back on track and we will continue to make a difference."