Lalor Announces Gas Tax Cap Bill, Urges Consumers to Call Gov. Cuomo's Hotline to Report Tax Gouging

East Fishkill, NY: Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill) announced today that he will be introducing the Gas Tax Cap Act, which will cap New York's gas tax at the national average. Lalor is also calling on New Yorkers to call Governor Cuomo's price gouging hotline to demand Albany stop the tax gouging at the pump.

"New Yorkers pay the highest gas taxes in the country, 65% higher than the national average," said Lalor. "Charging drivers 65% more than competing states is gouging by any definition. I'm asking taxpayers to visit Governor Cuomo's gouging report website and say we're done being gouged with taxes at the pump, we need a gas tax cap now. Visit to report the tax gouging."

Lalor continued, "The governor may stop price gouging with his initiative, but Albany is gouging taxpayers every day. Price gouging and tax gouging both need to be addressed. The Gas Tax Cap will save New Yorkers 20 cents per gallon. We have the chance to give New Yorkers a real break at the pump by capping the gas tax. It's a regressive tax that hits hardest those who can least afford to pay. It's a tax we feel every day, every mile we drive. It's a tax that drives up the cost of business, the cost of living, and the cost of almost everything bought and sold in New York."

New Yorkers pay an average tax of 50.6 cents per gallon at the pump. The national average according to the American Petroleum Institute is 30.4 cents per gallon. The Gas Tax Cap Act would cap the gas tax at the national average. This would save a family with two drivers $222 a year.

"The proposals for occasional tax holidays won't give drivers any real relief. Weekend gas holidays are the 21st Century version of bread and circuses; a slightly larger piece of the pie for a day, and then back to business as usual. The Gas Tax Cap will save drivers money every day, not just on the occasional long weekend. With this economy, families are pinching every penny they can to get by, but Albany has its head in the sand, and we've been gouged with the highest gas taxes in the country."

"Most gas stations are doing everything they can to keep prices down," said Bobby Swartz, owner of Swartz Auto Body & Garage. "But there's nothing we can do about paying the highest gas taxes in the country. It just makes sense to cap the tax at the national average. It costs so much to do business in New York already, businesses and drivers could use this break."

"As a small businessman in New York, I'm drowning with insurance at $9,000 a year and high motor vehicle fees," said Tom Masch, owner of Momma's Towing. "With three trucks on the road, high tolls at $5 per trip across the bridge and fuel costs at $4.35, the state is driving up my costs and the costs for my customers. Some tax relief across the board would mean I could pass on the savings to customers."