New Policies Won't Stop Silver From Breaking Rules Again

Statement on Speaker Silver's "Reform" Plan from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill)

"Rules were already in place. Speaker Silver stretched and broke them to cover for his friend. We don't need new policies. We need new leaders who put the dignity of other people ahead of politics. There is no reason to believe Silver won't break the rules again to cover for someone else.

"If Silver could cover for Lopez's vile, degrading treatment of women, he has no moral compass. He is unfit to lead and should go. The JCOPE report is disturbing and graphic. Lopez is vile and cruel. He would even continue to torment his victims after they left his office. Silver knew all this, but he still signed-off on a sealed settlement agreement that let Lopez off the hook. He was letting Lopez stay in office. Only when it became public did Silver repent.

"Silver doesn't get to wash this away by claiming he made a mistake. He was caught. Silver's 'reforms' won't fix anything. There already are strict rules in place. Silver broke them to help his friend. The only way to clean this up is for Silver to step down as Speaker."