Cuomo Can't Fix Albany Until Silver Goes

Statement on Gov. Cuomo's Reform Proposals from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill)

"Governor Cuomo's proposals are a good first step, but the second step has to be clearing the legislature of leadership that has tolerated corruption. That starts with Speaker Silver stepping down. For 20 years, Speaker Silver has tolerated a culture of corruption. At any point he could have acted to end the abuses. He never has. You can't reform a system and leave Silver in power. Leaders who have enabled corruption need to see consequences. Any reform package that passes an Assembly with Silver as Speaker is not real reform.

"While empowering district attorneys is a step in the right direction, the idea of raising legislative salaries to thwart corruption is wrong. Telling voters that legislators won't break the law if you pay them more money sounds a lot like extortion. New York deserves leaders who don't demand a raise before they'll follow the law.

"Taxpayer-funded campaigns are not the answer either. New York City's taxpayer-funded campaigns didn't stop Dan Halloran or Christine Quinn from abusing member items. If we've seen, in our own state, that taxpayer-funded campaigns don't stop corruption, why would we still ask taxpayers to fund politicians' career ambitions?"