Statement on Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill)

What Gov. Cuomo didn't say: "Governor Cuomo is still running away from two big issues facing New York. He said nothing about opening New York to the benefits of natural gas fracking and he was silent on the Common Core debacle. Albany bureaucrats have been ‘studying’ fracking for over five years. It's time for the governor to be a leader and make a decision. Common Core, on the other hand, was pushed through the bureaucracy with little review. It's been a disaster. Parents across New York have been protesting against Common Core for months. Is the governor listening to them? It's time for the governor to be a leader and take a stand."

On START-UP NY: "When the government picks winners and losers everyone loses. START-UP NY helps only the companies who have the Albany connections to lobby for spots. The program is limited to just 10,000 jobs, that's 1/10 of 1% of the private sector jobs in New York. Governor Cuomo's gimmicky crony capitalism isn't going to get New York's economy off the ground."

On property taxes: "Unfunded mandates from Albany are the driving force behind higher property taxes. Yes, local governments need to consolidate, but Albany needs to end unfunded mandates. Unfunded mandates obscure accountability for New York's problems and lead to finger-pointing between politicians looking to dodge the blame. Governor Cuomo needs to make serious cuts to unfunded mandates while asking local governments to find savings. That is the only way to make a real dent in property taxes."

On Albany corruption: "Governor Cuomo says that he still believes in the legislature, despite all of the corruption. If he does, he's one of the few New Yorkers who still believes in Albany. Most wouldn't want their daughters working in the legislature because of the rampant sexual harassment and cover-ups. No one should believe in Speaker Sheldon Silver anymore. He is at the center of Albany corruption. If Cuomo wants to clean up Albany, he needs to stop standing behind Silver."

On Universal Pre-K: "New York is the highest-taxed state in the union. How are we going to pay for Universal Pre-K? Cuomo says he wants to cut property taxes, but property taxes fund education. He can't have it both ways. Studies show that Universal Pre-K has no significant impact on education. Over-taxed New York families can't afford to pay for another expensive program that doesn't deliver results."

Where We Agree: "I support Governor Cuomo's efforts to curb drunk driving and teen texting while driving. We're both fathers, and we want to see safe roads. Governor Cuomo's proposal to increase state contracting with businesses owned by disabled veterans is a great idea and gives a much-deserved thank you to our vets."