Lalor's Bipartisan Support For Plan To Save $50 Million

Albany, NY – Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I-Fishkill) is endorsing State Senator Cecilia Tkacyk's proposal to require New York State to reimburse counties if Albany doesn't reach an agreement to hold state and federal primaries on the same date. Holding two separate primaries will cost taxpayers an additional $50 million, a cost Albany passes on to local governments as an unfunded mandate. Tkacyk's proposal puts pressure on Albany to consolidate the primaries and save tax dollars.

“Some Albany lawmakers try to claim that Albany is less dysfunctional than Washington,” said Lalor. “If we blow 50 million tax dollars on an unnecessary election and disenfranchise our overseas military voters just to protect a few incumbents, the New York State Legislature is exponentially more dysfunctional than the U.S. Congress. This is a shockingly simple way to save $50 million. A September primary costs more and disenfranchises overseas military voters who won't receive their ballots in time.”

Lalor added, “If Albany won't move the primary to August or June, we should definitely reimburse counties for the unfunded mandate. The $50 million to hold an extra primary comes from local property taxes. Governor Cuomo claims he wants to keep property taxes down, but we can't do that by piling another, unnecessary cost onto local governments. This is common sense and a proposal both sides can support.”