Cuomo's Latest Do-Nothing Panel Chaired By Common Core Cheerleader

Fishkill, NY – Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I-Fishkill) released a statement today criticizing Governor Cuomo for naming an active Common Core supporter to chair the panel scheduled to review Common Core in New York. Governor Cuomo appointed IBM executive Stanley Litow to chair his Common Core panel. Litow has been a supporter of Common Core, publishing an op-ed defending the program.

Lalor asked, “How can we have an honest and open examination of Common Core when the panel is chaired by a Common Core cheerleader? We've heard from parents and teachers across the state that Common Core isn't working. They expect Albany to find alternatives. That won't happen when the panel's chair is already biased in favor of Common Core.”

“Mr. Litow is right that we need high standards in our schools,” Lalor continued. “Where the standards are low today, we need to raise them. But the case is being made that Common Core actually lowers standards. We're not going to be able to tweak Common Core and fix it. It's broken. We need to dump Common Core and start over on education reform. That's what parents and teachers are saying. But instead, it looks like Governor Cuomo's panel is set up to just rubber stamp Common Core, with a few tweaks here and there. That won't work.”

“Governor Cuomo has a history of appointing do-nothing panels. From mandate relief to tax reform, he has used panels to dodge tough decisions. That won't work for our schools. The governor needs to appoint a balanced panel to review Common Core,” Lalor concluded.