Statement On Mayor de Blasio's ID Cards For Illegal Immigrants

“Mayor de Blasio's proposal is a national security nightmare. Terrorists would be able to easily obtain official government IDs. We can't guarantee they won't be used to board planes. The cards will look official. Presumably they will have New York stamped across them. We regularly hear about things slipping past the TSA. A terrorist might quickly flash a de Blasio ID card to a TSA agent who doesn't notice what it is. It's an easy way around the no-fly list. While de Blasio says it isn't a driver license and won't be used like one, reality will be different.”

“Other criminals will be sure to take advantage of the de Blasio IDs. It's an easy way for organized crime to open bank accounts under aliases. This is a recipe for fraud and criminality. Come to New York and Bill de Blasio will make your fake ID for you.”

“I will be introducing legislation that would prohibit municipalities from issuing government IDs without the proper documentation. It's a security risk we can't afford to take.”