10 Days of Silence From Cuomo on IBM Deal Questions, Lalor Continues Fight for IBMers

Albany, NY - It has been 10 days since Governor Cuomo's Director of Operations, Howard Glaser, offered to meet with Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill) to answer questions about the governor's new deal with IBM and release the agreement. There are still no answers from Cuomo's office. Lalor is calling on Glaser to stop dodging the questions, put answers in writing, and release the agreement with IBM. We need to fight to preserve every IBM job possible and keep IBM employees informed.

“Ten days ago, Howard Glaser was eager to meet to answer questions about the IBM deal; since then, he's dodged the meeting and thrown up obstacles,” said Lalor. “If this is as good a deal as Governor Cuomo claims, why not answer a few simple questions? Glaser is avoiding the meeting. He and I both work in the Capitol; but after he originally offered to meet in the building where both of us work, he is demanding we meet off-site. He knows that the Assembly is in session, and I have to be here. But whenever he's ready, I'll walk down the one flight of stairs to his office and we can talk.”

Lalor continued, “The secrecy behind the IBM deal has scared a lot of people in my district. IBM has about 7,000 employees in Dutchess County. Cuomo's office says the deal will maintain 3,100 jobs. The governor has been silent about the other 3,900 jobs. That has my constituents worried. If the governor has an answer, we need it now.”

“The press and elected officials shouldn't have to file a FOIL request to see the agreement with IBM,” Lalor added. “The Cuomo administration should be transparent and simply release the agreement. It's something the public should be able to read and judge.”

Lalor is asking the Cuomo administration to release the agreement with IBM and answer the following questions:

1. Right now, IBM has about 7,000 employees in Dutchess County. Your office says that the new agreement requires IBM to maintain 3,100 jobs in Dutchess County, Albany and Yorktown Heights. What does that mean for the remaining 3,900 jobs just in Dutchess County?

2. Will IBM finally detail exactly how many employees it has in New York? It’s hard to review these deals without knowing the baseline numbers for IBM employment in New York.

3. The deal only runs through 2016. What is the long-term plan?

4. New York State tax incentives have incentivized jobs shifting from the Hudson Valley to other parts of the state. Does that continue in this agreement?

5. How do the latest layoffs reported two weeks ago figure into the deal?