We Can't Tweak Common Core, We Have to Scrap It

“Parents across my district have told me that Common Core is broken. It's not just the teacher evaluations that trouble them, it's the entire curriculum. We can't fix Common Core and we can't tweak it. Common Core is fundamentally flawed. It needs to be scrapped entirely. We can then start from scratch on education reform.”

“I'm voting no on A.8929 because it tries to put a bandage on Common Core. The bill is only a moratorium on the use of tests for teacher evaluations. It doesn't answer fundamental concerns about Common Core. The bill allows the tests to continue, the curriculum to continue, and the federal take over of education to continue. Teacher's union bosses get what they want in this bill but rank-and-file teachers and parents don't get what they want, which is an end to Common Core and the accompanying tests. The bill does nothing for kids being set up for failure by tests on material they have not been adequately taught. The bill does nothing for special-needs children who still will be tested at age level rather than at their level of development. The curriculum does not change.”

“Under this bill, personally-identifying information and hundreds of other data points on children are still going to be given to inBloom. This bill merely allows parents to opt-out of disclosing private data to inBloom, but the burden shouldn’t be on the parent to opt-out and prevent his or her child’s information from being used. It should be opt-in if you want to be part of it.”

“The legislature and Governor Cuomo need to drop Common Core and get to work on a new direction for education reform. We need education reform, and we need to raise the standards in our schools, but Common Core, even a patched-over Common Core, isn't the right solution.”