Lalor Asks Cuomo: "Did You Extort Legislators Or Not?"

Fishkill, NY - Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill) responded today to Governor Cuomo's bizarre contrary statements that he ended his anti-corruption commission because the state legislature had agreed to new ethics legislation, but that it would have been extortion if he had continued his anti-corruption commission to prod the legislature to pass legislation.

"Governor Cuomo is having trouble reconciling what he did with his definition of extortion," said Lalor. "All along he has said that he was using his anti-corruption investigations to get legislation into his election-year budget. But now he's admitting that it's extortion to bargain away investigations for legislative deals. So, what did you do Governor Cuomo? It sounds a lot like your own definition of extortion."

Lalor added, "This is exactly what the U.S. Attorney suggested he may look into. The U.S. Attorney wrote that Cuomo's quick shutdown of the Moreland Commission gave the appearance of some kind of quid pro quo deal. Now the governor himself is admitting that agreeing to bury an investigation in exchange for legislation would be extortion. The problem for governor Cuomo is he's already on the record admitting he dropped his anti-corruption investigation in exchange for a budget deal."