Lalor To Cuomo: Small Businesses Need Tax Breaks, Too

Statement from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - Fishkill) on NYS Tax Breaks for CBS and The Late Show

"When Governor Cuomo agrees to give CBS and The Late Show $16 million in subsidies, he should remember that non-glamorous businesses need tax relief, too. Small businesses might not be as glamorous as Cuomo's Hollywood friends, but they're struggling with New York's high taxes. They need some help. Every dollar Cuomo gives away to CBS and Stephen Colbert is a dollar that could have gone to tax relief for all New Yorkers."

"What's worse, it seems like you have to write a big check to the Cuomo campaign to get tax relief. CBS gave Cuomo's campaign $45,000 so far this year. Small businesses can't get the governor's attention with big campaign contributions, but they still need tax relief. Unfortunately, Cuomo's crony capitalism has the system rigged against the little guy."

"Cuomo touts that his Hollywood tax subsidies have helped hire 126,301 actors and crew. But many of those have actually been extras. Is Cuomo really bragging that he handed out hundreds of millions in subsidies for jobs that last just a day or two? Even Cuomo's own tax commission said his Hollywood subsidies are a bad deal for New York taxpayers. Crony capitalism isn't going to create the jobs New York needs. We need across-the-board tax cuts, reduced spending, and serious regulatory reform; not handouts for Hollywood's millionaires."