Accomplishment Tuesdays

Dear Friends, For the second round of Accomplishment Tuesday, let’s take a look at what we’ve done for education in the Hudson Valley. Governor Cuomo’s education commissioner held an event in Poughkeepsie last year to discuss Common Core with parents and teachers. Instead of listening, he lectured the crowd and cut the event off when faced with tough questions. But Common Core isn’t working. Our leaders need to hear from parents and teachers exactly why Common Core is broken. So, I organized the first local hearing to listen to parents, teachers and even students. We still have work to do to stop Common Core, but we’re making progress. “When Governor Cuomo’s administration refused to hear from parents, Assemblyman Lalor stepped up to listen. His forum was a place for parents and teachers to share their concerns and frustrations. The forum helped expose why Common Core doesn’t work.” – Laura LiBassi, Wappingers Central School District parent A local parent called my office to discuss legislation to improve education for students struggling with dyslexia. After meeting with her, I decided to organize another forum to discuss how we can help dyslexic students. We brought together educators from several organizations and helped point parents in the right direction to get their kids the services they need. “My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in the middle of 2nd grade and it was a struggle to get her the research-based interventions that she needed. Assemblyman Lalor was very receptive to our concerns and eager to begin a dialogue to improve our education system.” – Kathleen Dailey, Wappingers Central School District parent We need to keep our kids safe on the roads. All my children are still under nine years old, but I can see the day when they’ll be out on their own on the road. In conjunction with AT&T and MADD, I organized “It Can Wait” forums at local schools to prevent texting and driving. I also helped Arlington High School qualify for a $25,000 grant from State Farm’s “Celebrate My Drive” program. "Every parent worries about their kids out on the road. Crashes are 100% Preventable! I am proud to have worked with Assemblyman Lalor in educating high school students on the importance of safe driving." – Mary Pineiro, Dutchess County Chapter Lead M.A.D.D. "Assemblyman Lalor understands the difference safe driving programs make in our community and for our students. His efforts, in that regard, helped put Arlington High School in a position to compete for and win State Farm’s “Celebrate My Drive” $25,000 grant." – Jen Dunn, Arlington Central School District parent I was proud to join the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education at John Jay High School for its forum on the heroin epidemic. Heroin addiction is a scourge to our communities. It can impact anyone, anywhere. We need to, and we will, end this epidemic. I’m committed to improving our schools and delivering for our kids. Sincerely,
Kieran Accomplishment Tuesday - September 2, 2014: Dedication to Constituent Services