Accomplishment Tuesdays - Fighting to Save Jobs at Saint Francis

Dear Friends, With just one week left until the election, I'm wrapping up Accomplishment Tuesdays with our successful fight to save Saint Francis Hospital, its jobs, and preserve healthcare competition. Late last January, I started receiving calls from constituents concerned about the future of Saint Francis Hospital. The hospital was in bankruptcy proceedings, and it looked like it might be bought by the parent company of the other two hospitals in Dutchess County. If that group bought Saint Francis, it was likely the hospital would be significantly downsized, with hundreds of jobs lost. Consumers would lose out because there would be a monopoly on hospitals in the mid-Hudson Valley. The calls to my office were from Saint Francis employees worried about their jobs, patients worried about access to healthcare, and outside doctors and vendors worried about the impact a closure would have on area businesses. Saint Francis employs about 1,000 people. Local businesses rely on it as a customer. The loss would have been devastating. The way to save the jobs would be for the bankruptcy court to accept Westchester Medical Center's bid for the hospital. I met with Saint Francis employees organizing to preserve the hospital. I urged the bankruptcy judge to accept Westchester Medical Center's offer to preserve jobs and competition. I worked with Saint Francis advocates to inform our community about what was at stake and why we needed to preserve Saint Francis. Ultimately, the Westchester Medical Center bid was accepted. This wasn't a foregone conclusion. In fact, most had assumed Saint Francis would be bought by its nearby competitor and closed down or have its operations drastically reduced. I'm proud to have played an important part in preserving the hospital, its jobs and healthcare competition. "Assemblyman Lalor stood up for the jobs at Saint Francis Hospital when other politicians were silent. His effort played an important role in preserving the jobs and saving the hospital. We're grateful for that. The hospital is an important part of our local healthcare network. Kieran recognized that and the importance of competition in local healthcare. He helped us communicate the hospital's value and that made a difference." - Donald F. Murphy, CEO of St. Francis Hospital from 1976-2000 "Saint Francis Hospital, now MidHudson Regional Hospital, is vital to our community. The hospital has an outstanding reputation and dedicated staff. Losing it would have meant hundreds without jobs and a void in local healthcare services. Assemblyman Lalor's fight to save the hospital helped to prevent those losses. It was an important win for healthcare consumers in the Mid-Hudson Valley." - Dr. William Barrick, President, Dutchess County Medical Society Previous Accomplishment Tuesdays Available Online Accomplishment Tuesday 1 - Dedication to Constituent Service Accomplishment Tuesday 2 - Delivering for our Children Accomplishment Tuesday 3 - Legislation Accomplishment Tuesday 4 - Fighting for Veterans Accomplishment Tuesday 5 - Setting Albany's Priorities Straight Accomplishment Tuesday 6 - Stopping Tax Hikes Accomplishment Tuesday 7 - Tearing Down Cuomo's Tax Wall Accomplishment Tuesday 8 - Saving Taxpayers $100K Sincerely,