Majority Assemblyman Demands Silver Step Down. Call Assembly Majority Still Supporting Silver, Find Out Why.

Dear Friends,

Finally, some Assembly Majority members are starting to call on Sheldon Silver to resign. Assemblyman Keith Wright, former co-chair of the state party, is demanding that Silver step down. But the vast majority, including many of our Hudson Valley representatives, are sticking with Silver. Why are Assembly members Didi Barrett, Kevin Cahill and James Skoufis standing by Silver?

It's a good question. Give their offices a call and ask how they can still stand by their crooked leader.

Didi Barrett: 845-454-1703 or

Kevin Cahill: 845-338-9610 or

James Skoufis: 845-469-6929 or

Call our Hudson Valley representatives to find out why they're tolerating Silver's corruption.