A Left-Wing Idea So Bad Even Vermont Wouldn't Do It

Statement on Assembly Single-Payer Healthcare Bill from Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - East Fishkill)

"Vermont passed a similar bill in 2011, to establish single-payer, government healthcare. The bill required a financial plan by 2013. The plan showed that it would double the size of the state budget in just its first year. Massive tax hikes would have been required to finance it. Vermont, a state that sent a self-proclaimed socialist to the U.S. Senate, abandoned its pie-in-the-sky, single-payer government healthcare plan when it was hit with the reality of paying for it. Even Vermont had to admit that single-payer government healthcare was a terrible idea that would destroy its economy. What is the Assembly Majority thinking?"

"Vermont's abandoned plan would have required a new 11.5% payroll tax for businesses, on top of existing payroll taxes. Income taxes would have been hiked across the board to a new top rate of 9.5%. A family of four with an income of $102,220 would have been hit with that 9.5% rate. Vermont couldn't afford those tax hikes and New York can't either."