Board of Parole Failed to Follow the Law in Release of Brutal Murderer, Should Rescind Parole

East Fishkill, NY - New York State Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I – East Fishkill) is calling on the Board of Parole to rescind its decision to grant parole for brutal murderer and rapist Terry Losicco after revelations that the board made its decision to grant parole without following the law's requirement that victim input be considered. Lalor's letter to the Board of Parole is available here.

"The Board of Parole held the parole hearing for murderer and rapist Terry Losicco and made its decision to grant parole several days before the victim’s family was contacted and asked for their input," said Lalor. "The law requires that the victim's family have an opportunity to address the parole board. However, the parole hearing was held and the decision made on January 19th. The victim’s family wasn’t contacted until January 25th. The voicemail left with the victim’s family clearly suggested that the hearing would be held in the future and that the decision had not been made."

In 1980, Losicco brutally murdered and raped 67-year-old grandmother Eleanor Prouty. He is due to be released this week, though the Board did not fulfill its statutory requirement under New York Executive Law § 259-i to consider the victim's family's input.

Lalor continued, "The Board should immediately rescind parole and hold another hearing that will follow the law’s requirements and actually consider the victim’s family’s input. This is the only way to correct this shocking error. Right now, it appears that the board made a mistake, realized it made a mistake and attempted to cover up that mistake by contacting the victim’s family and asking for their input, while suggesting that the decision had not already been made."

Brooks Prouty, the victim's grandson contacted Lalor through a mutual friend and asked for his help fighting the decision. Prouty has been leading the family's fight to keep Losicco in prison for years. Press coverage of the battle to keep Losicco behind bars is available here and here.

Lalor added, "Losicco’s murder and rape of a grandmother was barbaric. The victim’s family was legally and morally entitled to have their voices heard and their objections to the release of this brutal killer considered. If this parole decision is allowed to stand, it makes a mockery of the State’s claim that it respects crime victims and will work with them to ensure justice."