$172,808 in One Year

I could not be more proud of the message (see below) we have to deliver to the 105th Assembly District.

  • Leading From the Front On Spending: In 2015, I unilaterally saved taxpayers $172,808 by refusing to participate in the Assembly's latest pork-barrel scheme, turning down $125,000 in pork. I also reduced my office mail budget by $26,942 and refused the Assembly's per diem payments for meals and hotels ($9,804) and travel allowances ($2,062) as well as a leadership stipend for my position as the ranking member of the Real Property Taxation Committee ($9,000). By doing so, I unilaterally saved taxpayers $172,808 in 2015 and we are on track to save taxpayers a similar amount in 2016.
  • Defending the Second Amendment: I am a cosponsor of A.3350 and A.3943 which would completely repeal the SAFE Act. I am also a cosponsor of Assemblyman Butler’s fine bill, A.10354, which limits the application of the SAFE Act to the counties of Suffolk, Nassau, Kings, Queens, Richmond, New York, Bronx and Westchester. This bill allows those state legislators who want to surrender their Second Amendment rights in the New York City metro area to do so, but preserves our rights upstate. I also successfully joined with a bipartisan coalition to fight against anti-Second Amendment legislation in the City of Poughkeepsie.
  • Eternal Vigilance: I have been an outspoken advocate for national security and the security of New York, which remains the number one target of Islamic terrorists. I was the first New York State lawmaker to oppose the relocation to New York of Syrian refugees, who, the FBI Director admits, cannot possibly be properly vetted. I support U.S. aid to refugees in the form of food, water, medical supplies, shelter and security and persuading Arab Gulf countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain to resettle refugees in the region. Read my New York Post op-ed here. I opposed the Iran nuclear deal which frees up $150 billion in funds to the Iranian regime, the number one state sponsor of terror. I also opposed Mayor de Blasio's proposal to give New York City ID cards to illegal immigrants because doing so creates a national security nightmare. Terrorists will be able to easily obtain official government IDs and we can't guarantee these ID cards won't be used to board planes or facilitate other nefarious activities.
  • Standing Up For Vets: After Governor Cuomo twice vetoed the Veterans Equality Bill, I continued to lead the fight to again get the bill through the legislature and signed into law. Last month we accomplished the mission and the bill to allow veterans from any era to buy back up to three years of service credit in the public employee retirement systems for their military service was signed by the governor. Prior to this bill becoming law, New York only allowed veterans who served during specific conflicts to buy back service credit. For instance, Iraq veterans were eligible, while Afghanistan veterans were not. This law fixed that inequity.
  • Relentless Supporter of Small Business: I opposed Governor Cuomo's minimum wage hike because it is an unfunded mandate on businesses that gives big corporations an advantage over small business, and actually decreases opportunities for the entry-level workers that minimum wage advocates claim they want to help. I am a co-sponsor of the Small Business Full Employment Act which would enact various measures to provide tax and regulatory relief for small businesses to encourage growth. For example, the bill would require a small business economic impact statement prior to the passage of any rule or regulation that impacts small businesses.
  • Leader of Anti-Corporate Welfare Movement: I continue to be the most outspoken and effective opponent of corporate welfare in the state, leading the fight against the taxpayers' $420 million subsidy for Hollywood filmmakers, exposing, in detail, the Start-Up NY debacle, challenging tax credits for Viacom while the company laid off New Yorkers and successfully fighting to stop expensive subsidies for a billionaire’s biofuel business from being included in the budget. I advocate taking the billions of tax dollars our state spends to subsidize hand-picked corporations and putting it toward across-the-board tax relief for all New Yorkers and businesses who pay taxes.