People Power in East Fishkill

East Fishkill, NY — Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - East Fishkill) is commending the East Fishkill Town Board for its decision to listen to the will of the people and stay below the tax cap in this year's budget. The town had been considering a budget that would exceed the tax cap, but decided to stay under the cap at last Thursday's meeting and to look at ways to make the town's Lime Kiln gym facility revenue neutral. On October 25, 2016 Lalor and East Fishkill Town Councilman Emanuele Marinaro released a statement opposing the plan to go over the cap. The release can be read on the Assemblyman's blog. Highlights of the recent town board meeting can be viewed here.

"East Fishkill did the right thing by listening to the people," said Lalor. "The public came out to express their opposition to an increase that went over the cap. I'd like to thank all of the residents who came out to the town board meeting to share their views. Congratulations, you did it. Your voices were heard. Also, the East Fishkill Town Board deserves credit for listening to the public and heeding their message that busting the tax cap was the wrong decision for East Fishkill. A lot of the credit also goes to Councilman Marinaro for leading the charge against going over the tax cap."

East Fishkill Town Councilman Emanuele Marinaro said, "The board is making the right decision to stay under the tax cap. The people spoke and the board listened. That's how government should work."

After Thursday's decision to stay under the tax cap, East Fishkill Supervisor John Hickman said, "This is a democracy and we have to listen, we have to talk and if we don't talk about things we aren't going to find out how you feel. We work for the public. I'd like to say that the tax cap will not be exceeded. The paving issue will receive future consideration. But I understand that it's not the will of the people to exceed the tax cap."

Clarification: The original release in opposition to East Fishkill going over the tax cap by Lalor and Marinaro proposed areas where the town could save tax dollars. The release pointed out that the town voluntarily making the town attorney a town employee rather than have him on retainer unnecessarily increased the cost to the town. For example, by making Wood an employee not an independent contractor, the town will continue to incur a cost for Wood when he is no longer providing legal counsel to the town. In the release, Lalor stated that town attorney Tom Wood receives "full benefits" from East Fishkill. Wood does receive pension benefits from East Fishkill. Wood's health benefits are covered by the taxpayers of a different municipality, not by East Fishkill.