Lalor to Cuomo: Don't Tax Citizens of Law-Abiding Municipalities to Pay for Litigation or Lost Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Campuses

East Fishkill, NY - Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - East Fishkill) has written to Governor Cuomo opposing the use of state tax dollars to pay for sanctuary cities to litigate against the federal government or to replace federal funding withheld due to the municipalities’ refusal to obey federal immigration law. The letter is available here.

A sanctuary city does not cooperate with the enforcement of federal immigration laws. In some cases, sanctuary cities refuse to turn over for deportation illegal immigrants who commit crimes, and bar police from inquiring about the immigration status of those they arrest.

"New Yorkers living in municipalities that are following federal law shouldn't see their tax dollars go to subsidize those municipalities that flout the law," said Lalor. "It's fundamentally unfair to ask the rest of New York to support the few law-breaking cities. Our tax dollars shouldn't go to support the continued defiance of the law."

There has also been a debate on SUNY campuses about turning the campuses into "sanctuary campuses" that would not cooperate with federal immigration law enforcement efforts. According to Lalor, "State tax dollars and student tuition payments to SUNY should not be used to make up for any funding gaps should SUNY adopt a sanctuary campus policy and lose federal funds." Lalor is drafting legislation that would prohibit the use of state funds to replace federal grants lost by sanctuary cities.

Lalor has also written to several independent polling organizations requesting that they poll how New Yorkers feel about sanctuary cities. A recent Berkeley poll revealed that 74% of Californians oppose sanctuary cities but there is no known poll of New Yorkers on the issue. The letter is available here.