Lalor: Start-Up NY Still a Failure

East Fishkill, NY - Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor (R,C,I - East Fishkill) responded to the latest poor jobs report from Governor Cuomo's Start-Up NY program by calling on Albany to end the corporate welfare program.

"Start-Up NY has produced just 722 new jobs in three years, despite New York State throwing $53 million into ads promoting the program across the country," said Lalor. "That comes out to $73,407 per job; and that's just in money spent advertising the program. It doesn't count the tax dollars lost through the corporate welfare going to these companies in special tax breaks. This has been an astonishing waste of money. Again and again, Start-Up NY is producing jobs reports that fall far short of how Governor Cuomo advertised the program would perform. Now the governor is trying to rebrand the program with a new name. That's the surest sign that he knows this program is failing. It's time to stop pouring money into this sinkhole."

Lalor added, "We've seen a spate of New York State corporate welfare failures in recent days. That includes SUNY Poly resorting to selling a property valued at $39 million for just $2 million and throwing in $8 million in tax credits. It also includes SUNY Poly's Utica facility deal which will cost taxpayers a total of $225 million for just 300 jobs. These corporate welfare programs don't work. We need to stop handing out special tax breaks for a few corporations with Albany connections and instead focus on delivering across-the-board tax cuts for all New Yorkers."

Lalor was one of only a handful of lawmakers to vote against Start-Up NY in 2013 and the only one to immediately draft legislation to repeal the bill. While Start-Up NY and many of Governor Cuomo's other corporate welfare programs costing billions of dollars have been aimed at helping upstate New York, upstate has seen just 2.7% growth since 2011 when Cuomo took office, while the nation as a whole grew 11%. When he introduced the program, Governor Cuomo claimed it would be "the greatest economic savior" for upstate. Instead, Start-Up NY has become synonymous with corporate welfare boondoggle.