Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor

Albany, NY - New York State Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor has served as a Member of the Standing Committee on Banks since 2015. He was recently named Ranking Minority Member of that committee. The Ranking Minority Member of a committee is the senior Assembly Minority Member of the committee. As Ranking Minority Member, Lalor is responsible for developing a deep understanding of legislation that comes before the committee, holding pre-committee meetings to ensure all Assembly Minority Members understand the legislation and leading debates on legislation within the committee on behalf of Assembly Minority Members. The Ranking Minority Member is also charged with identifying legislation that should be opposed and debated on the floor before the full Assembly and participating in floor debates.

Of the new assignment Lalor said, "New York is the banking capital of the world and the legislation that comes into this committee has an impact on New York's economy and beyond. I look forward to working on important issues that impact banks, credit unions, borrowers and the economy in general."

In addition to the Committee on Banks, Assemblyman Lalor is also a member of the committees on Governmental Operations, Small Business, Veterans' Affairs and Corporations, Authorities and Commissions. Since 2013, Lalor has been the Ranking Minority Member of the Committee on Real Property Taxation. He will continue to serve as Ranking Minority Member of the Real Property Taxation Committee as well.

Recently, the New York Daily News Editorial Board in an article entitled Money for nothing: Another year of corrupt payments in the state Legislature, commended Lalor for being the only Member of the 150 Member New York State Assembly to refuse the so-called "leadership stipend." Leadership stipends have been criticize for being wasteful, unnecessary and a tool for legislative leaders to control rank and file Members. In a similar article in 2017 the Daily News noted that, "Only upstate Assemblyman Kieran Lalor refuses the graft."