Assemblymember Jean-Pierre: With Democracy at Stake, Events of January 6th Can Never Happen Again

“One year ago today, our nation’s Capitol endured its worst attack since the War of 1812 by a mob of violent insurrectionists who sought to overturn a free and fair election, disrupt the lawful transition of power and tear away at the fabric of American democracy as we know it. In doing so, innocent lives were lost and an immense amount of trauma was inflicted upon our federal representatives, staff members, news journalists and law enforcement officers, all of whom bravely stood in the face of this terror and fiercely defended our democratic institutions on that tragic day. Here in the United States, our leaders are chosen by the people at the ballot box, not at the hands of violent mobs, and while we cherish the fact that democracy ultimately prevailed on January 6th, we must refuse to downplay or whitewash the severity of this assault and continue to hold accountable all those involved to the fullest extent under the law. We must come together to heal our country and move forward in preserving American democracy from those who seek to dismantle it, and to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”