How Gov. Cuomo’s Plans Will Help the 77th Assembly District

By Latoya Joyner, Assembly Member

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo presented his vision for the future of New York State in his New York State of Opportunity Agenda. Despite efforts to invest in education and strengthen the economy, more needs to be done to help working families get ahead, and I applaud the governor for taking on some initiatives that the Assembly has been fighting for over the years. I look forward to working with him and the Senate to make life better for the hardworking families in the 77th Assembly District, which include the communities of Morris Heights, Mount Eden, Highbridge, Claremont and Concourse East.

Meanwhile, one place to start is by further increasing the minimum wage, which the governor agrees with the Assembly on. Our families deserve to be paid fair and livable wages. We also need to further our investment in education to ensure our students have the opportunities and bright future they deserve. To do this, I’ll fight to fund District 9 schools fairly and ensure they have the resources they need to provide our children with a top-notch education.

I’ll also work with the governor to continue to fight for women’s equality. From equal pay to protection from sexual harassment and access to comprehensive health care and protections for victims of domestic violence, women deserve and must have each and every right outlined in the Woman’s Equality Act.

But one major problem in my district is affordable housing and the current state of decay of the many available public housing buildings. With rent regulations up for renewal in Albany this year, I will advocate for strengthening existing laws that will preserve and protect affordable housing.

Here is my 7 Point Agenda for the 77th:

  1. Affordable housing and stronger rent laws for Bronx families.
  2. Advocating for education and youth development.
  3. Supporting our seniors and community centers.
  4. Quality and affordable health care.
  5. Raising the Minimum Wage.
  6. Equal pay for Equal work! Ending unfair gender pay practices.
  7. Enacting the state Dream Act and ensuring that new immigrants have the same opportunities as all New Yorkers.

Our work in Albany is in no way limited to the above list. I will work hard to ensure that the 77th Assembly District’s voice will be heard.