Assembly Fights to Preserve Affordable Housing, Strengthen Rent Regulations

Bronx, N.Y. – Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner (D – Bronx, 77th AD), along with her Assembly colleagues, voted today to strengthen rent regulations and increase protections for tenants as New York State’s rent regulations are set to expire in June. The Assembly passed Assembly Bill A.7526 on May 19, as part of one-house rent regulations bill first introduced by Assembly Housing Committee Chairman Keith Wright (D – Manhattan, 70th AD).

Assemblywoman Joyner, along with other Assembly co-sponsors, voted to pass the legislation. Assembly Bill A. 7526 calls for stronger and more effective protections for tenants that rely on affordable housing. It will help to prevent vacancy deregulation, limit tenant harassment from landlords and ensure that affordable units remain affordable for Bronx and New York families. Keeping rent affordable even after major capital improvements or individual apartment improvements is also mandated in this bill. Rent increases, based on these improvements, will cease after the cost of the improvement is recovered.

The 77th Assembly District is ranked as the fourth largest, in terms of the number of rent regulated apartments in New York State. There are 30,043 apartments under rent regulation, which means that nearly three-quarters of all district residents live in rent regulated apartments.

“Since being elected, strengthening current rent laws and preserving affordable housing for families that need it most has been my primary goal,” said Assemblywoman Joyner. “This legislation, supported by the Assembly Majority, does just that. No longer will tenants have to worry that housing improvements will remain an indefinite rental surcharge on their monthly bills or fear harassment from their landlords. In order to sustain and grow our current community, we need to make sure families and residents can continue to afford to live in it.”

Under the approved legislation, current regulations will be extended to June 15, 2019. The bill’s provisions are effective immediately.

For more information, please contact Jamie Gilkey at (518) 455-5671 or Mike Giardina at (718) 538-2000.