Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner’s Statement Regarding Equal Pay for All New Yorkers

“Women earn 79 cents for every dollar that men make in our country. In New York State, women make 84% of what men earn – not including the fact that jobs traditionally held by women pay less than jobs that employ men. This double-standard in our economy – both locally and nationally – needs to stop, which is why I am happy to support legislation in the Assembly – including the New York State Fair Pay Act – that guarantees equal pay for equal work. By ensuring pay protections across the board for traditional female and minority jobs, we can help those hardworking women that struggle to make ends meet while helping to support their households and their families.

For women of color, African-American and Latina women face an uphill battle in being awarded even less when compared to wages earned by white men. Maintaining equal pay for all New Yorkers will guarantee financial security for as well as rectify this deplorable injustice facing our diverse communities in the Bronx and across the state.”