Assemblywoman Joyner Joins in Passage of Historic ‘Greenlight Bill’

Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner (D-Bronx, 77th AD) has joined with her colleagues in winning enactment of legislation promoting public safety and enhancing economic opportunities by expanding access to drivers’ licenses for undocumented New Yorkers. “The Greenlight Bill ensures that every New Yorker can more fully participate in their community and care for their family by allowing them to obtain a drivers’ license,” Assemblywoman Joyner said. “The legislation, Assembly Bill A. 3675-B, also makes sure that every driver on the road is trained, tested and insured to make New York's roads safer for everyone."

The legislation makes it possible for approximately 200,000 currently ineligible New York City residents to obtain a drivers’ license. It is expected to generate $57 million in recurring revenue every year statewide. The Driver's License and Privacy Act also expands the types of proof of identity that could be submitted with an application for a non-commercial driver's license that does not meet federal standards for identification. An applicant without a social security number could instead submit a signed affidavit that they have not been issued a social security number.

“This is a major victory to expand economic opportunities for so many of our families in the Bronx and I am pleased to have worked with our residents and advocates on this crucial issue,” Assemblywoman Joyner said.