Diabetics and Insulin Patients Will Receive Additional Assistance Under Assemblywoman Joyner's Insulin Access Act of 2020

Assemblywoman Latoya Joyner (D-Bronx, 77th AD) has won passage of the Insulin Access Act of 2020, legislation that would assist the nearly two million New Yorkers living with diabetes and insulin dependence. “Too many New Yorkers have been falling through the cracks without health insurance and need access to insulin and other lifesaving medications,” Assemblywoman Joyner said. “The Insulin Access Act is a lifeline establishing a demonstration project to provide those with diabetes and insulin dependence with access to that vital medicine.”

“This legislation also makes it possible for people with diabetes to have emergency access to insulin through a local pharmacist,” Assemblywoman Joyner said. “That alone could be critical lifesaving option for many New Yorkers.”

Assembly Bill A.8533-B/ Senate Bill S. 6492-B has passed both houses of the State Legislature and will be sent to Governor Cuomo for signature later this year.