Walczyk Blasts Assembly Majority for Voting Against Clawing Back Governor’s Unchecked Power

State Assemblyman Mark Walczyk is blasting the Assembly Majority for voting against legislative amendments Walczyk and his colleagues proposed that would have halted the Governor’s unrestricted powers and offered additional protections to small businesses facing challenges during the COVID pandemic. 

During yesterday’s Special Session where the Legislature acted on a measure related to eviction during the COVID crisis (A.11181), Assembly Minority politicians proposed three amendments to the bill, including one that would have reined in the Governor’s unchecked powers.  The Assembly Majority rejected every single proposal.

“The Speaker of the Assembly and Majority conference perpetuated their abdication of constitutional duty once again yesterday,” said Assemblyman Mark Walczyk.  “Instead of providing reasonable balance to the Governor’s power, providing assistance for tenants and landlords, or advancing policy that would have given small businesses a helping hand, the Assembly Majority kicked all cans down the road.  They’ve gotten a little too comfortable letting the Executive run the show.” 

“We are long overdue for representative democracy to be restored in New York.  The smart and tough people of this state didn’t elect a King.  New Yorkers deserve a government that works for and represents them; not one person who calls all the shots.  2021 is a new term and with 29 new members, I sincerely hope they take their oath more seriously than the ones democracy cast aside.”

The amendments that were rejected by the Assembly Majority are as follows:

-  Restoring the checks and balances of the state Legislature for emergency declarations that exceeds 45 days and provide the availability for judicial due process for actions taken that impact fundamental constitutional rights (A.10546),

- Requiring hardship declarations to have a statement that a tenant has made their best effort to secure all possible government assistance for housing, along with making partial payments as their circumstances permit in a timely manner; and

- Give the same protections to small businesses that face mortgage and tax foreclosures given to residential tenants.  In addition, extend foreclosure protections to small landlords that aren’t covered under A.11181.