Walczyk Opposes Forced Detention of New Yorkers

Assemblyman Mark Walczyk (R,C,I-Watertown) expressed his concern and opposition to legislation (A.416) that would force the detention of New Yorkers alleged of carrying communicable diseases for up to eight business days, or longer pending a court order. The bill was originally introduced in response to an individual who flaunted an Ebola diagnosis, but given the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has raised new concerns about the impact it could have on New Yorkers if enacted.

“This bill is extremely concerning, and another example of how downstate lawmakers have no idea about the impact their legislation could have on the rest of our state. They draft poorly written bills, full of loopholes, and introduce them without consideration of the state at large or the big picture,” said Assemblyman Walczyk. “This is why I believe less is more when it comes to government intervention and, though I don’t believe this bill will be coming up for a vote any time soon, I would like to assure the good people of the Front Yard of America that I am adamantly opposed and will vote against it should this terrible excuse of legislation ever come before the Assembly for action.

We need responsible government. This kind of legislation, and the mentality behind it, is not the way to do it. New Yorkers don’t need to hear ‘do this or we’re going to come round you up.’  We should be working together to find a solution, putting people back to work, and getting our state back on the path to financial prosperity for everyone.”