Assemblymember Frontus: Victims of Revenge Porn Deserve Justice

“We live in an age in which texting and social media make it easy for individuals to inflict pain and emotional suffering from the dissemination of private images of another person. Victims have routinely been threatened with sexual assault, stalked, harassed or even fired from jobs as a result of such images.

“I simply cannot stand idly by and allow innocent lives become victims of these hateful actions because of the malicious intentions of another person. That’s why I helped pass legislation to criminalize the publication or dissemination of an intimate image of another person without their consent (A.5981). The bill also creates a private right of action for victims and allows them to obtain a court order to have the images removed from the internet.

“Sharing these images serves no purpose other than to damage the life or livelihood of the victim and can go so far as to destroy future intimate relationships and educational and employment opportunities. This legislation will ensure that these crimes no longer go unpunished.While we can’t erase the pain that these victims have endured, we can give them the chance to seek justice so they can turn the page and begin a new chapter of their lives.”