Simpson Backs Leaders in Calls for Investigation of Cuomo Administration

Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C,I-Horicon) reacts to joint conference on nursing homes

“I fully agree with Senate Minority Leader Robert Ortt and Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay in their calls for investigations into the Cuomo administration’s handling of nursing homes. The governor covered up the true number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes, which was confirmed by Attorney General James’ scathing report.

“Minority in both Legislative houses have called for accountability in this tragic situation and I’m calling on my colleagues in the Majority to join us. This is not an issue of partisanship, but of life and death. We have grieving families statewide who want answers from the governor and his administration. The days of unilateral decision making need to come to an end before more lives are lost.

“I have said it once and I will continue to say it as more details about this nursing home catastrophe come to light, The Legislature needs to move in a bipartisan manner to take back the emergency powers that were granted to the governor in March. By returning power to the legislative bodies we will be able to complete oversight and assist in the decision making about vaccine distribution, unemployment and government-mandated lockdowns.”