Simpson Blasts Governor for Mixed Messaging On Masks

In response to updated daycare guidance making masks mandatory for children over the age of 2

Last week, in accordance with the CDC, New York largely unmasked as fully vaccinated individuals were no longer required to wear a face covering. Only a few days later, the governor provided updated guidance for day care centers and camps and said masks would be mandatory for children as young as the age of two. This is a change from previous guidance in which children were encouraged to wear a mask, not mandated. Many believe this messaging on mask wearing will only provide more confusion at a time when we need clarity from state government.

“As much of New York begins to unmask and re-open, it makes no sense why masks will be mandatory for children as young as two,” said Simpson. “Not even during the peak of the pandemic were masks mandated for children, but as COVID-19 positivity rates reach new lows daily, the governor puts this onus on our children. I have spoken with many parents in our district who are both angered and confused by this directive. Some have even gone as far as saying this borders on child abuse. It is my hope that the governor walks this back and kids are given some sense of normalcy as they reunite with friends and return to camps.”