Assembly Member Benedetto and the Edgewater Park Volunteer Fire Department Announce Funding for New Fire Truck

Bronx, NY – New York State Assembly Member Michael R. Benedetto (D-Bronx) announced today that he has secured a capital grant of $350,000 for the Edgewater Park Volunteer Fire Department (EPVFD) to purchase a new fire truck. The current engine is decades old and in need of replacement. As the roads within the community are very narrow, a new truck will have to be specially designed.

The EPVFD is long established and celebrating its 100th year in operation, providing 24/7 response to the Edgewater Park community. This particular department is one of only a handful of volunteer departments still in operation within New York City and the only volunteer department left in the Bronx.The Department serves a vital and needed service as the homes in Edgewater Park sit in close proximity to one another which, in an emergency, can lead to a fire spreading very quickly. Furthermore, the EPVFD also serves as a critical first response to storms, hurricanes and other emergencies in this waterfront community.

“Edgewater Park is a special part of the Bronx and my district,” said Assembly Member Benedetto. “Being a small waterfront community with homes that are in close proximity to one another, they have unique needs. That’s why a new truck is needed so they can quickly respond to an emergency before it gets out of hand. I’m pleased we were able to secure a new truck to help our first responders so they can respond to emergencies with the equipment they require.”

“Only our specialized fire apparatus are able to navigate the tight streets of Edgewater. NFPA guidelines give engines an operational lifespan of 20 years. Our primary rig is 21 years old and our secondary is 35 years old. We need this rig to be the workhorse of our department for the next 20 years,” said Joseph Ranieri of the Edgewater Park Volunteer Fire Department. “The EPVFD appreciates the Assemblyman securing this needed funding for our department.”

In addition to the new Fire truck, the Firehouse itself is due to undergo $2.5 million of needed renovations so the building can serve as a relief center to the larger community in case of an emergency. When the funding was stalled earlier this year, Assembly Member Benedetto intervened and secured a commitment from the Governor’s Office that work will start this year.

The EPVFD estimates that the truck will be designed in the coming months with a new truck being delivered to the community within the next year.