Assemblyman Benedetto Works with Students of I.S. 181 and NGO to Deliver Aid to Haiti

Bronx – Assemblyman Michael R. Benedetto working with the students of I.S. 181 assisted in delivering aid to The Yele Haiti Foundation for distribution to victims of the January 24 earthquake.

Immediately after the earthquake the students at I.S. 181 mobilized a relief effort campaign and collected clothing, food and medical supplies. However, many Non- Governmental Organization’s working in Haiti are only accepting monetary donations. Not knowing where to turn, the school contacted Assemblyman Benedetto’s office for help. “We looked at various options but decided that these supplies must get to Haiti,” said Assemblyman Benedetto.

The Yele Haiti Foundation has been active in Haiti for a number of years and was among the first on the ground helping the victims. “My office contacted Yele Haiti and they were very responsive,” continued Assemblyman Benedetto.

On January 14, representatives from Assemblyman Benedetto’s office along with staff from Yele Haiti Foundation, and Claudinette Jean, wife of singer and founder of The Yele Haiti Foundation Wyclef Jean, arrived at I.S. 181 to meet with the students and administrators to accept their donations.

Almost 40 boxes of clothing, food, and medical supplies were loaded onto two trucks. They will be taken to a facility where individual packets of supplies will be created and shipped by container to Haiti. Each packet will be delivered to a victim of the earthquake.

“Almost 600,000 people have died or been injured in the Haiti earthquake and 1,000,000 are homeless. I am very proud that students in my district opened their hearts to assist these victims. I want to thank Yele Haiti for accepting these donations, and I also want to thank Principal Christopher Warnock, Assistant Principal Nelson Medina, Ms. Donna Ridley, Ms. Silvana Russo, and of course all the students of I.S. 181 for their hard work,” concluded Assemblyman Benedetto.